CIDR News Issue 18, January 2009

CIDR 2 delivers improved performance for most users 
CIDR users governed by new business rules 
HSE West to go live by Easter - implementation in HSE Mid West by summer 
CIDR user group to meet in February 
CIDR training postponed 
Happy New Year to All CIDR Users

CIDR News Issue 17, June 2008

CIDR gets new team leader  
Newly notifiable Clostridium difficile added to CIDR  
Mater and Sligo are latest labs to go live  
Updated CIDR business rules due in July  
CIDR training sessions to take place later this month  
CIDR technology refresh almost complete  
CIDR maintenance contract awarded  
C. difficile discussed at latest CIDR User Group meeting  
2008 data validation may be finished by first quarter of next year

CIDR News Issue 16, December 2007

CIDR Business Rules out for consultation 
New fobs for old 
New CIDR training dates announced 
Agencies meet to share ICT and informatics experiences 
St Vincent's is latest lab to go live 
CIDR implementation delayed in HSE West and HSE Midwest 
CIDR technology refresh 
CIDR user group to meet in December 
Happy Christmas to all

CIDR News Issue 15, July 2007

CIDR users encouraged to take part in rules review  
CIDR policies and procedures 'in line with best international practice'  
Uzbeks return home after 'very successful' CIDR visit  
Calls to CIDR helpdesk help improve the system  
CIDR technology refresh  
CIDR training planned for summer months  
Labs make progress in implementing CIDR

CIDR News Issue 14, April 2007

New Business Rules committee for CIDR  
CIDR now easier to use and more efficient  
iLaboratory users in labs in East gear up for implementation  
CIDR user group an 'invaluable discussion forum'  
CIDR technology refresh

CIDR News Issue 13, January 2007

CIDR demonstrated at US conference  
Preparations continue in East as 15 of 40 labs nationwide now live  
CIDR goes down well north and south of the border  
CIDR upgrades given all clear as previous problems identified  
CIDR website updated with "easy to understand information"  
2007 - New Year greetings

CIDR News Issue 12, October 2006

CIDR roll out continues around the country 
CIDR training review as number of users passes 200 
'Very useful' fourth CIDR user group meeting takes place 

CIDR News Issue 11, July 2006

CIDR to be considered as model for European system  
CIDR covers 80% of the population as East goes live 
Labs in East to phase in CIDR 
New members for CIDR Board 
CIDR highly secure and managed in strict accordance with Data Protection Act - HPSC 
Third CIDR User Group Meeting held in June 

CIDR News Issue 10, March 2006

North West is latest area to go live 
CIDR progress in laboratories  
Discussions to take place on CIDR roll out in East  
Second CIDR User Group Meeting held 
CIDR substantially reduces validation time for 2005 data 

CIDR News Issue 9, January 2006

CIDR user groups meet for first time 
CIDR users benefit from new corporate reports 
Labs in East adopt Laboratory Information Management System 
CIDR roll out plans for 2006 
Review of CIDR in 2005 
Best wishes for 2006

CIDR News Issue 8, November 2005

CIDR up and running in half of HSE regions as South East goes live 
CIDR Training recognised by RCPI and AMLS 
CIDR User Group to be established 
Disaster recovery system successfully tested

CIDR News Issue 7, July 2005

CIDR up and running in three HSE areas as Southern Area goes live this week  
South East, East and West preparing to go live later this year  
Staff to be awarded certificates for successful CIDR training  
CIDR improves data quality  
Business continuity system to be tested in August


CIDR News Issue 6, May 2005

CIDR fully live in some locations
Midlands are latest region to go live
CIDR discussions ongoing with HSE regions
CIDR training update
Disaster recovery plan in place
CIDR attracts national and international interest
CIDR communications 

CIDR News Issue 5, January 2005

CIDR secure, robust and ready for national implementation, says evaluation group
Phased roll-out system recommended for CIDR
CIDR live from 31st January
CIDR gets new head

CIDR News Issue 4, October 2004

Good progress on pilot evaluation
Health boards get CIDR demos
Plans drawn up for unforeseen CIDR emergency

CIDR News Issue 3, July 2004

Labs take part in CIDR pilot
CIDR at the NVRL
IT consultants evaluate CIDR piloting

CIDR News Issue 2, May 2004 

CIDR Training Update
New Committee to Oversea Pilot Implementation
CIDR Go Live

CIDR News Issue 1, Feb 2004 

Welcome to CIDR News!
Meet the CIDR Team
CIDR - What's Happening Now?
UAT - User's Views
The Weeks Ahead

Feedback Reports

Summary of Feedback from the CIDR Demonstrations, Summer 2004 

Feedback Report on Health Board Demonstrations, 23rd - 26th February 2004  





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